The Breed

At one time breeders thought this ancient dog, this cane corso, extinct. Then he was found again in the Southern reaches of Italy where they traced him to the canis pugnax, the Roman war dog which accompanied the troops in the early centuries. His first name refers to "canis," the Latin word for dog. His last refers back to a Roman cohort, a division of soldiers, being a tenth part of a legion. A huge, powerful and athletic dog of the mastiff type, he was prized then, and still is, as a companion, guardian and hunter.

He has been called "compact", "strong", "muscular," "intelligent" and "loyal." At anywhere from 90 to 145 pounds he has a short dense coat, blocky head and hanging lip. He comes in solid black, grey, fawn and brindle. If you check the dog's portrait on the book cover, you will see traces of the fawn color. Usually he will have some white markings on his chest, chin, and, or, feet.

He is a quiet breed, a working dog which needs exercise. He is suspicious of strangers. Because he is as powerful as he is, his protective instinct needs to be molded. He needs to be trained and socialized and aggression never encouraged. Such training is possible because of his willingness to please and the close attachment he forms to his owner. His usual life span is ten to eleven years.

The name of the dog whose photo was provided for the book cover is "Gladimor." He is five years old and weighs 140 pounds. If you want to learn more about him, you can search at the web site:

Daemon the Fighter Dog